Low Power Analyzer MT950

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  • Sampling frequency: 10kHz
  • Current measuring range: 1μA-2A
  • Current resolution: 0.1μA
  • Input voltage: 0-12V
  • Precision: 1%

MT950 is a low-power analyzer. It can be used to monitor the power consumption of CAT M1 & NB-IoT GPS tracking devices in different working modes, including real-time, PSM, or eDRX. It can also be used for other IoT devices such as LoRa, Sigfox, etc.

1. Features

  • Range 1uA to 2A (peak up to 5A).
  • Support for long-term data recording and analysis.
  • Easy and convenient to use, quick start without instructions;
  • Quickly switch the display ratio of each time slot without deleting the record of the max and min values of the interval.
  • Use the mouse to zoom in, drag, and define the cursor position (right-click).

2. Spec: 

  • Size: 170*120*46mm
  • Sampling frequency: 10KHz
  • Current measuring range: 1μA-2A
  • Current resolution: 0.1μA
  • Input voltage: 0~12V
  • Precision: 1%
  • Color: Golden

3. Advantage:

  • Timely detection of abnormal and improper power consumption.
  • Accurately assess standby and operating hours.
  • Optimize the cost of devices such as batteries.
  • Improve efficiency and save on R&D costs.

4. Standard Accessories

  • Power Analyzer MT950
  • USB Cable (0.5m)
  • Test Wire Cable (0.5m)
  • DC Power Cable (0.5m)

5. How to Use

  • Connect the Power Analyzer to the computer using the USB cable.
  • Connect the regulated power supply to the DC input socket on the rear panel.
  • Adjust to the voltage required by the device to be tested, and click the start button to begin testing.
  • Connect the device to be tested to the power output on the front panel of the Power Analyzer.

6. PC Software Interface


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