4G OBD GPS Tracker MP90

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  • 4G LTE Network(fallback to 3G/2g)
  • Plug & Play easy installation
  • Towed Report
  • Un-plug alert
  • Integrate to any third-party platform

Mictrack 4G OBD Tracker MP90

The world’s Smallest 4G OBD tracker. The REAL 4G unit can work on the 4G/3G/2G network.
1. Most countries have shut down their 2G and 3G networks.
2. 4G unit can save your time and money, you don’t need to upgrade your 3G GPS tracker again even if 3G is close.
3. 4G products are full network coverage and fast speed than 3G/2G.
Dimension67(L) x 50(W) x 25(H) mm
Power supply12-24 VDC
Backup battery3.7 V 120 mAh
Power consumption50mA standby current at 12 V
Operating temperature-20°C to 55°C
Humidity5%~95% non-concretion
Working hour2 hours in power-saving mode, 0.5 hours in normal mode
LED indicator4G(RED), GPS(BLUE)
Sensor3D acceleration sensor
AntennaInternal 4G & GPS antennas
GPS Sensitivity-162dBm
Positioning Accuracy2.5m

4G Frequency bands
MP90-A (US/Canada/Mexico)
4G LTE: B2/B4/B12
3G WCDMA: 850/1700/1900MHz

MP90-E (Europe/Asia/Africa)
4G LTE: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28A
3G WCDMA : 900/2100MHz
2G: 900/1800MHz

MP90-AU (Australia/New Zealand)
4G LTE: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28/B40
3G WCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100MHz
2G :850/900/1800/1900MMz
Note: Select correct device according to your local frequency bands.
SIM Card interfaceMicro Size SIM


  • Q: What is the delivery time & shipping time?
  • A: The device will be sent in 1-2 days after receiving your order. DHL will take 3-5 days and free shipping will 15-35 days.
  • Q: What is the demo account for the App & platform?
  • A: Web:   and then click”Demo” to log in to the test account.
  • Q: The item includes a SIM Card and tracking platform service?
  • A: No, you have to get a 4G SIM card from a local provider. Click here to subscribe Mictrack tracking platform service
  • Q: Which SIM Card is better to match with the 4g tracker?
  • A: Get a 4G SIM Card that supports text and data service with 30MB/month.
  • Q: Can I integrate the device with my own server?
  • A: Sure, our protocol is open Click here to download the protocol.
  • Q: Which Third Party Platforms are compatible with this 4G GPS tracker?
  • Q: What’s the difference between 4G OBD Tracker MP90 and Cat M1&NB-IoT OBD Tracker MP90-NB?
  • A:  For the detail as follow:
Functions MP90 MP90-NB
Network 4G LTE  CAT 4 4G LTE CAT M1 & NB-IoT
OBD II connector Plug and Play  √  √
Real-time tracking  √  √
Voice / Audio monitoring  ×  ×
Vehicle trip history  √  √
Geo-Fence alarm and reporting  √  √
Over-Speed alarm and reporting  √  √
Backup battery low power alarm  √  √
Car battery low power alarm  √  √
High-temperature alarm  √  √
Power saving/sleep mode  √  √
Mileage report  √  √
SMS  √   ×
Frequency  A/E/AU  Global


  • Q: How to program the MP90 via USB Config Tool?
  • A: Click here to download the config tool and user guide. Config tool is an option.
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